What you should know

Who we are,

our out of love and passion for food established family tradition goes back to the year 1956. In the current ages our family members are living in different parts of the world, since years we are providing after each harvest our olive oil to our family members around the world, now we would like to let you get part of us, with sharing our holiest with you, Amfion, let our passion become what your health requires.

What we do,

given and driven from the environment of Amfipoli in central Macedonian of Greece we became what we actually are, an agriculturist, taking care of our fields and providing in the end an essential element of human health. We can proudly call over 250 trees of the species “Athinolia” our own. The type of “Athinolia” gives over 30% olive oil out of his olive, but due to that, our yearly achieved field income is limited.

Why we love what we do,

inspired out of the idea, “You are what you eat”, as stated from Dr. Victor Hugo Lindlahr we have the goal and commandment to provide clean nutrition for everyone. Our mindset is strongly driven and coming from the Mediterranean kitchen, in which olive oil has an essential part since thousands of years. Base on that close to 70% of all dishes are using olive oil or partly.

Due to that, why we should hold back what is good for us,
Amfion, our holiest for you!

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